Character Description: Wanderlost

Shabrina Eilien Khalishah/180410150025

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong in your place and you just want to visit one place to another places? Don’t you want to know how does it feel to wake up in the morning to a cup of English breakfast tea in Birmingham? Spend your day in Juliet’s House, Casa di Giuletta, in Verona? Or just simply walk along the Miami Beach with people you don’t know but you enjoy their presence? But you are stuck there in where you are with people you actually don’t like or don’t want to meet because you are actually a loner, well, not really, but you enjoy being alone most of the times. I am talking about this girl named Nasya, she is a 21 years old college student who is trying to survive her life in Jatinangor. Her body is there, in a crowded supermarket with some stuffs in her hands that she must buy because she has to. But deep down, she knows that her soul is somewhere in another place with probably someone who guide her and introduce her to some beautiful and interesting places she has never been to before. She likes to read books and quotes, there is one quote which she doesn’t remember who is the one who said it, “Places might get boring, but they don’t break you.” She simply likes that quote because she can relate to it. She’s not much of a traveller herself but she just feels like she has to get away from this place, where she is. There is not much to know nor to learn about her life because all she knows is, she is trying her best to survive instead of lives her life.

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