Character Description: The Traveler Girl

Salsabila Firdausia Hanifa / 180410150014

Sheila is a 17 years old girl who likes to travel the world. She comes from a well family and she is the only child in her family. That’s why she likes to travel alone. Sumetimes, she goes with her closest friends in college. She never forget to take pictures in places where she goes. Traveling make her feel better when she feel sad or tired. She thinks that she can see something new while walking and see the nature by herself or even with some friends. However, she feel lonely sometimes. Not because she doesn’t have any friends or ‘someone’ to talk to. Behind her smile, she hide something that not everyone can see. The only thing that she needs is a mother, a mother who can always be there for her, listen to her while she is talking about everything that she did in the past 2 days. It’s not easy for her, especially the fact that she is the only child in her family. Her mother’s too busy to even just call her and ask her how was her day. And that’s the biggest weakness inside her. But day after days, she learn that it’s okay to feel lonely sometimes. It doesn’t mean that you are a weak person, you just have to deal with it and do something to make everything better.

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