Character Description: The Robin Hood of the Small Family

Mutia Rizky Amalia/180410150015

That morning in the one of the most outstanding café in town, Roni ordered a cup of black coffee which is the cheapest drink in the menu. After he was there for about 20 minutes, he went to the exit door, stepped in hurry. Roni could not control his facial expression because actually he already did a wrong thing. However, his mind said, “Don’t be too obvious, Ron.” So, he lifted his lips a bit until they shaped a curve to made his face looked normal as possible, and his mind said something again, “just calm down, Ron. There is nothing wrong about what have you just done.”

Yeah, in almost every day, Roni always does that kind of activity. He goes to cafés which are always crowd with people, orders a glass or cup of cheapest drink, then gets out with filled pocket. There are always souvenirs such as people’s wallet and even hand phone to bring home, and he never get caught since he had been doing it for late 6 months. Who knows? Wearing jeans, casual shirt and jacket, and his impressive black wristwatch, also bringing his new brand smart phone, do not indicate that he is a pickpocket.

What more can Roni have to say? He is just a 25 years old man who does not have an occupation. With his middle school certificate, there is no place which can help him to get big salary to feed his small family. Moreover, he will become a father soon, so he should make more money for his wife’s labor fee later. He thinks this is the only prophecy that can help him.

“For making my small family happy, it is fine if I do this, right?” he said to himself, and also to God.

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