Character Description: The Master Chef

Aditya Adinugraha/180410150022

In the distant future, where robots that called androids exist and start replacing human in many aspects, a 17 year-old boy named El Gyfarie graduated from highscholl and begins to find a job in the field that he thinks he fits in. The fact that he comes from the Communist Party bloodline makes it hard for him to find a job. However, he refuses to give up and because he always watches his favorite chef since he was little, he then starts learning to cook in a well-known cooking academy, Master Chef Academy.

Three years later, he graduated as the best chef in academy thanks to his creativity in making unique foods, he is accepted as a chef in Hanamura restaurant. He starts off pretty well and gets praises from the guest and the other chefs until finally the restaurant hires an android chef and fires the chefs there, except El. El, who is a true gentleman, cannot accept it and challenge the android to face him off in a cooking battle. If El wins, the restaurant must hire El’s friends again, but if he loses he must leave the restaurant. After intense battle, it is time for judges to determine the winner. Sadly, El loses in that battle and then he opens his own restaurant and determined to make his restaurant number one in the world and show that human cannot be replaced by android. Thus, El’s bizarre journey in food industry begins.


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