Character Description: The Dream of the Honest Man

Hana Rahmawati/180410150003

Deri only primary school graduates having trouble finding a great paying job. Initially, he worked as porters and for the current age was 43 years, he stopped. Five years ago he switched professions to become brokers of angkot. He has wife named Hilda and three children named Fahmi, Raka, and Alwa. He has long had a dream to buy a house. He was tired contracted because every year rented house prices will more expensive. He’s been saving for 20 years. He had envisioned a comfortable house and inhabitable. However, desires and fancies having a home is lost when he recalled his daughter, Alwa. One month ago, she discovered to be suffering from leukemia. Alwa should receive treatment in hospital. Deri gives all his money he had saved for the cost of care with sincerity. But he minded if all he did he would be sincere to Allah will give him all the best. He did other work to supplement their income while praying hoped there is a miracle. Early in the morning he became a parking attendants in front of the private banks, noon be broker of angkot, afternoons helping his wife selling pukis in front of the Sumedang’s square and night he take care of Alwa. One day after he parked a Mercedes Benz car. He found a thick brown parcel and a photocopy of ID card taped to the package. Then he cycled to chase the car. The car looks back and Deri stopped in the middle of the street waving the bundle. Youth motorist it down and hugged Deri. Then he asked, "Do you have a dream?"

"Yes," replied Deri.

"What is your dream?"

"I want a house!"

"I will grant your dreams."

Deri immediately prostrated. Allah is the Most Justice.

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