Character Description: The Charming Read Head Psycho

Yoga Permana/180410150006

There is this girl called Sukijem, she’s 29 years old. She graduated from a junior school and never continue her education, she chose to marry a psychotic mad guy and it didn’t last long. She is currently working as a server of her favourite fast food station in town. She usually wears red hijab to cover her real personality. Everyday in her life, she is waiting for someone to be poisoned, yes, its not a metaphor or allusion, allegory neither, its LITERAL poison. Her life was full of craps, she has been through alot of crappiness things in life. She was assaulted by her ex husband. Her husband killed the unborn baby because he was not sure that he could make their life fulfilled wealthy. They broke, she finally decided to divorce but her husband was not really agree with that and he tried to locked her up in a really dark warehouse and almost burned down the room with her in it being totally tied head to toe, supprisingly she could finally escaped and run for her life and get a new life. She is frustrate, confuse and mad. She robbed a gold shop to continue life. Now she is working there, at one of her favorite places , a fast food station. Until one day, she saw guy who looks just like her psyco’s ex husband treat his child poorly infront of her and she crawled back to her past and it drove her crazy and she poured poison into the foods of the man that looks just like her ex husband. Look at her now, she is a serial killer, killing everybody that looks just like her ex psychotic husband that treats their child poorly. The Charming Psycho’s was and is never traced by the police forever.


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