Character Description: The Career

Ekky Hana Vicya / 180410100143

His name is Fani, at least that is how his friends called him. His real name is Fandi. He called as Fany because of his beautiful and smooth long hair, like a girl’s hair.
Fani is a third year student of Communication faculty in Universitas Negeri Jatinangor. He is a basketball manager and coach assistant in communication faculty.
He love to play basketball since he was a little boy. His father was one of the best basketball player in West Java. His father was obsessed to make him a profesional basketball player. His father is his own coach since he was a kid, and Fani made it. He grows as one of the best basketball player in his school. He always got the scholarship because of his basketball career since he was in junior high until his senior highschool. He is the MVP of his school. He always wanted to be an international basketball player, he wanted to make basketball as his profesional career. He was obssesed with his passion, and really push himself to the limit.
In the first year of his college he joined the faculty and university basketball team. He is one of the MVP in his college too. Untill one day he got an accident, and it change his life.
One day in his second year of college, he was playing in national campus league againts Universitas Negeri Semarang. Fani and his team played really well. Until the third quarter, Fani got an accident when he tried to do a slam dunk. He fell and hit his knee hard to the ground. Since then he got the permanent Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury which made him can not play basketball anymore.
He was depressed . He wanted to leave college and didn’t want to do anything anymore. But his father always supported him, even his teammates came to his house to support him. Until one day, one of his faculty teammate, Dandi, came to his house to ask him back to the team. Not as a player but as the team manager and coach assistant in their faculty, but Fany turned down the offer and ask Dandi to leave. His father overheard their conversation. His father understand how Fani’s feel about that, going back to the field but couldn’t play again. So his father tried to talk to Fani about Dandi’s offer. He said “don’t waste the tallent you have in you, it could be good for other when you could share it.” Fani thought about what his father said and dandi’s offer. Finally he called Dandi to accept it.
He felt so hard at the first time he came to the field, he couldn’t play basketball anymore but only to watch and manage the team. As time goes by, finally he could get through and accept it. Eventhough he couldn’t play anymore, yet he could share anything he knows. He feel happy that he could get back to the field to feel the basketball atmosphere that he love.

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