Character Description: The Brokenhearted

Dinia Sofia/180410150018

The autumn breeze has yet says it goodbyes and the park were just quite as it’s always been. Jane was just chatting with me when suddenly she freezes. “What is it?” I said, “W-what? N-nothing. Sorry, what were you saying?” I looked back and there he was, Darren. The boy who always break his promises, the boy who always lie to her, the boy who always makes her on cloud nine at one time and then down in the grave at the other. Her eyes were watery as she watches Darren sat by the bench on the opposite side of ours with his friends. I had think of a better solution but instead my filthy mouth says “It’s been over a year now, I thought you were over him.” And it put her into silence. “I’m sorry for what I’ve said. Do you want to move Jane?” “N-no it’s fine, really” she says as she pulls back her fidget hands as she saw me staring at them.

Jane Arristoen is an honor student at our campus. But unfortunately her love live wasn’t as sweet as her academic life. She met Darren 5 years ago on a restaurant downtown and a year later they became an item. He was good to her, always making her happy, rarely argues, a perfect boyfriend for her. Until he shows his true colors after two years of dating, like how he always slapped and punched her every time she doesn’t do what she was told to do.

10 months has passed since I last heard of Darren. She was at peace after that, her grades are improving, she volunteered on a local community, and there were no more mentions of “Darren” or even a sight of him, until now.

“It’s been a year huh?” she says, still looking at the other side of the bench.

“hmm. Say why don’t we go to the mall?” I said to lighten up the mood.

“Yeah sure. Let’s go!”

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