Character Description: The Brightest Star in the Sky

Nadira Noviandita/180410150074

His name is Bintang. He is in his sophomore year as a quite active literature student. His kindness is what makes him has a lot of friends but sometimes he likes to be alone and lost himself in books which contain only words with no color. Besides reading, mountain climbing was the thing he liked the most because he can clearly see the setting sun, enjoy the cold night and point to the constellations of stars while waiting for the sun to rise again. Born with the disability to see the color green and red, the sky is one of the beautiful things he can normally see. It feels like autumn for him everytime he pass a street surrounded by lots of trees even in summertime. He was looking forward to climb another mountain but the lecturing activities prevented him. Though he usually watches the stars from his dorm rooftop, over the cloudless night sky whenever he feels anxious about something, the mountain still has different atmosphere. Stargazing doesn’t make him aware of his inability at all.

He once said, “I wanna see through the eyes of others.”

Because he almost sees everything in one shade, he still has difficulty in driving, distinguishing the colors of apples, and even choosing clothes to wear so he wears safe colors like black and grey. Until he starts to paint. Tired of running away, he uses all the colors he has never used to express himself. It cannot stop him from making more artworks and doing things he like. Although he is not as lucky as others who have normal vision, he is still grateful for his life. With all the limitations he possesses, he can still shine as bright as the brightest star in the sky.

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