Character Description: Superhero’s Wish; Dad Man

Alam Rizkiyansah/180410150007
Adam sits on the floor only covered by the very thin fabric. He talks to god when no one sees or either listens to what he is going to say. The only things that are with him are light from the bulb, cold floor, and shabby jacket which is covered his body from the cold air of the night. He is angry, he is crying, he is dying when he remembers that he had lost everything in one night, he was all of that. He has lost his home in fire, all of his stuff, and his family. He couldn’t save any of them, because he wasn’t there when it happened, and of course he cannot pretend that he is fine. He asks himself who will be his happiness? Who will be his motivation? Who will sit in front of him at dinner? And who will wake him up in the morning? But he smiles in there and thought, “Well, I don’t have any place to sleep anymore either”. In the night, Adam remembers all the time of what had happened to his little family. A 40 years old man would love his family deeply more than anything. He regrets the time when the house was on fire. He asks himself again, why he wasn’t there? Why he couldn’t feel it? And why was god took his family? Besides, he wasn’t there to get a gift for his first baby. A couple of red gloves that he brought from a pawnshop. He wish his baby would feel warm wearing those gloves and he could see his baby smile when he wears a gift from his dad. Adam always wish he was home on time. Always there when his wife open the door while she hold their baby. Now, he could only talk to god and face the days with no one beside him.


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