Character Description: Spirit Of A Man

Puan Maharani/180410150068

Peoples usually called him Jay, but his real name is Jayasurya. His parents give him that name because it’s the name of his mother’s favorite Indian actor. Jay is 23 years old. He can’t continue his college because his economy is not sufficient so he only graduated until high school, although his uncle help him with his tuition fee. Both of his parents died ten years ago because an accident, he still thirteen years old at that time, and now he lived in a rent house with one of his sister. Even though luck is not always beside him, there’s a thing a he want to achieve. He want to support his sister education. No matter what, he promises to his sister that she will enter the university and get her bachelor degree. Now, Jay work as a bartender in a cafe. With his courage and spirit he learn how to be a bartender from his close friend who also work as a bartender. Everyday, he woke up in the morning, prepare breakfast for his sister and go to his work place. Sometimes he back home at 10 pm but if there are a lot of customer he probably back at 12 pm. In the end, Jay believed that there still be a chance for him to do something meaningful in his life by trying to be useful for the peoples around him.

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