Character Description: Persistent

Berliana Rizka Ramadhanti/180410150071

His name is Asta, short for Astama Byantara. Astama is a Javanese name which means “never give up” and Byantara which means “first child”. This 21 years old man is the only child in his family. His parents are really strict to him about his education and his non-education. Asta had joined so many sport clubs and several music classes he did not really wanted to join in his childhood only because his parents made him to, and they made every single one of the classes like it was the only thing matters. They made him won so many trophies from various competitions. Simply said, his parents made him ‘that one child you wish to have’. But the child you wish to have is not perfect, neither his family. His parents divorced when he was in the 12th grade and now he lives with his mom. His dad was jealous of his own wife because she was promoted to be a general manager of a well-known retail company that made her has higher paid than her husband who is only a branch manager of an automotive dealer. His education then became a mess. Asta did not pass the national exam because he was making music instead of studying, his only way of escape. He then tried to pursue his dreams in music as he wants to be a producer. He submitted his music to numerous music industries and all of them rejected him. Asta worked numerous jobs; a waiter, a janitor, a cashier, while he sings from café to café, in hope that one day he will make good music. He did not give up—he never do, he is Astama after all.

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