Character Description : Eating Alone is Fun


This is Dean, 23 years, old and people think he is rude or scary just by look at him(even though I don’t think he is scary). Well, he is nothing like what they think he is. He is shy actually, squishy, cute, has a good sense of humor, and bubbly. His figure is also bubbly because he refuses to go to the gym. The only lift he does is lifting fork and spoon and it’s tiring enough he thinks he gains muscle by just doing that. He is still in college but also works at a petshop(because he loves animals) near his neighborhood. He is not Mr. Smart Pants but good enough to survive every semester. everyday he walks to college then when if he doesn’t have anymore class for the day, he goes to the petshop where he works at. No, he doesn’t live in a dorm. He rents a flat, it’s not that big but enough space for him and his two cats; Leo and Merlin. No, he doesn’t have many friends and he lives far away from his family. His dad wants him to be manly and such, but he can’t do that. That’s why he chooses to live far away from home, he can’t stand his dad. He lives happily with his cats, a job he loves,and survives college but what about friends? He has friends, 3 or 4. He sometimes eats lunch with them or mostly alone. The thing is he is too shy to make any. He tried to make friends but sometimes he just pull himself and cancel his plan. Sometimes he thinks how sad he is, not being able to make any new friends. He just needs to try, push himself a little harder next time.

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