Character Description: Become a motorcycle taxi driver

Dwi Yanti Lestari/180410150004

Being a student is not easy, we are required to study hard during the study. Surely it would be a lot of small pebbles on a daily basis, for example, a lot of assigments to be done (this has become a habit for students), not yet paid for dormitory, money transfers from parents that was late, etc.

Financial problems become very crucial for students, especially for students from the middle to the bottom. Sometimes we as students try to do business or trade off some of food, or on campus is often called ‘danusan’. As performed by Suho, he was 21 years old and he became a motorcycle taxi driver to help his financially.

At first he was just being a motorcycle taxi driver when Danus in his faculties, but he thinks that the outcome of motorcycle taxis also tolerable. Suho become motorcycle taxis driver on weekends only. For fare he never set prices too expensive, because he was aware of a student also does not have much money. To be able to use the services of Suho, customers can order via Line accounts. In conditions of rain or heat, Suho remained loyal his customer, if there is no class or assigment to be done.

One day he drove customers to Caringin, when he came back to campus, he was obstracted by a group of motorcycle taxi drivers in Caringin. One of the motorcycle taxi drivers asked him "are you a motorcycle taxi driver? Are you student?" Suho with fear answered "yes", and then said "This time I let you go, but if you’re came back again as a motorcycle taxi driver, I would not let you go. just focus at your college, don’t be a motorcycle taxi driver”. Suho who feared the incident was reluctant to become a motorcycle taxi driver again.

I think there is no harm a student become motorcycle taxi driver. Income parents of students also different, not all of them able to give pocket money to their children in a huge amount.

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