Character Description: An Evening Song

Kinanti Fitri Febriani/ 180410150013

He who seem hostile, but behind that he’s struggling to be a fighter in his life. He was born with a gift of blissfulness and a sense that this world is peace. Aris, a man in his mid-30s, with a well-paid job as a musician in a restaurant playing the piano and singing for almost 24 years. He’s grateful to be married to Asnie, his wife, and blessed with two children, Bayu and Dara. Fate said that his life was filled with a series of small struggles.

That evening, he came to the restaurant with his usual jacket and cap soaking wet from the rain. When he sat to his chair on the stage after taking off his jacket, the waiter approached him with a warm tea on his trays. The man smile a little and began to arrange the small stage. The waiter left the tea on top of the sound system and went back to his work. With the microphone, he gave a warm welcome to the all the customer there, while flipping through his sheet music. Preparing what song he’s going to sing, suddenly he remembered a piece of his childhood memory, closing his eyes, he chuckles and smile.

“Today’s first song is for our beloved, a person who gave birth to us, our mother. “He said through the microphone.

He began to play the intro on the piano and for a moment there’s a slight sadness on his face before he started to sing. The customer, the audience were mesmerized by his alluring voice. A chill came from hearing Aris sing, it’s like he was speaking through music. That first song was in memorial of his mother death 25 years ago. In his performance tears rolled from his eyes as he bowed his head, a simple ‘thank you’ for the audience there and also a ‘thank you’ for his mother.

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