Character Description: An Egoist Man

Nurul Fauziah Febriyanti / 180410150005

Adjie, an 8th semester student in Universitas Harapan Bunda Jatinangor. He came from Ciwadul Village. He was a young man and the son of wide ricefield’s owner but kept being himself as an unpretentious young man and even tend to seem poor in Jatinangor. In his daily life, Adjie loves to wear sandal, sarong, and ‘Koko’ shirt with his ordinary short straight hair style. Both of his parents in the village were old, sickly sick, and wanted their only one son to be married to an uptown girl whom their chose. Beside that, Adjie was also forced to be married quickly because of the tradition in his village which said if their parents had passed away, children who might inherit from their parents were children who had been married. Nevertheless, the unpretentious Adjie did not simply accept and carry out the orders of his parents. He did not want to be married to his parent’s choice. He promised to his parents would quickly be married to a girl he chose. It turned out Adjie secretly love and crazy about a pretty famous college friend named Jessica.
One day, Adjie ambitiously encouraged himself to express his feeling and asked to marry her. Unexpectedly, he was accepted by Jessica but in several conditions. He was asked by Jessica to bring a lot of money and he had to change his old style appearance. It was hard for Adjie to leave his old habits. However, he really wanted to be married with Jessica so he agreed with her. On the way to gave Jessica money in a white plastic bag, Adjie was offered by some men to enter the most famous their salon in Jatinangor to make him handsome. Before entering the salon, he gave a message to his parents to prepare the wedding party. Unfortunately his parents had passed away 2 hours ago.

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