Character Description: A Young “Tooth Fairy”

Jelita Almanda / 180410150016

This is Icha, she is 20 years old and also my dorm friends in Jatinangor. She came from Jakarta. Now she’s being studied at Universitas Padjadjaran, majoring in dentistry, fourth semesters. Icha has an older brother and a twin sister who is called Echa, but in contrast to Icha, Echa studied at the University of Indonesia and majoring in medicine. Icha’s mother was also a dentist, maybe it makes Icha motivated to become a dentist too. She is very friendly and cares for everyone and that makes her always seem smiling. As in the photos I took, Icha looks very warm and humble. Icha is a representative student; she is always doing her task and job on time. Besides she is busy in studying, Icha also often provide knowledge about oral health, especially for friends in her dorm. She always reminds us to be diligent in cleaning our teeth. Icha has a great personality, so it made a lot of friends and everyone will respect her. Even before she gets the title as a dentist, she already made a good image to be remembered by everyone. But inappropriately she also too busy for wasting her time to play with her friends.

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