Character Description: A Taciturn Guy

Eva Aprilia Rahayu / 180410150009

Staring nothing. Arya, he is thinking about his ambition about his dream that is become a man who owns a business. He wants to choose one of the options, it could be a cafe, a vapor shop, a music studio, or a barber shop. Eventhough his hobby until death is playing game, he realized that he is 22 as a fresh graduated but he couldn’t stay still on his bed and playing game. He wants a thing that his parents avoid that things to be happen to him. His parents always compare him with his elder brother who certified as a magister, his parents want him to chase his magister after his barchelor because his parents think they have so much money and the business could follow him in the future without no doubt.

Arya wants to build a big relation between him and people, but he is a taciturn person. His friends are his equal but make Arya can’t take a step to out of the box. Besides his motivation about the business on his head, he wants to make his character better than before so he could make his relation wider and make his dream comes true.

He is a smart guy, a loyal, and kindhearted so people might think he is a taciturn guy, but people around him like him as his characters tell him. His dreams might be so many obstacles in it, but once he decided a thing, he will chase it and believe it could be happen to him. He never depends on his parents’s wealth which is might be no longer in his life.

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