Character Description: A Man with A Mind.

Mahsa Islamey/180410150019

He loves this small coffee shop. He spends his nights here every Monday, Friday, and Sunday. He always orders the same thing and sits in the same spot. He comes at 7 PM and leaves at 11 PM. Sometimes he talks with the waitress or the owner of the place. Mostly, he doesn’t talk at all. No one knows why he comes on the same days, sits in the same spot, and orders the same thing, of course, people have been asking why, but he just smiles.

He is never good at making conversation with people, even in his 24 years and his last year of college. That is why he prefers being alone. As long as he got his books, coffee, cigarettes, and a little bit Bob Marley, he is all set. As an introvert, being alone is not a big deal to him. He never really cares about people. People are hypocritical and phoney, that’s what Gandhi believes. Gandhi loves people, he just doesn’t trust them.

Raised by a religious family doesn’t make him genuinely believe about the idea of God. Not to mention that he studied in a strict Islamic school for twelve years. If truth be told, studying in strict Islamic school made him questioning the idea of God and life even more. He can’t stop searching for the meaning of everything ever since. He is a thinker, sometimes a philosopher. He likes to stay up late to stargaze and wakes up early just to see the sun rises. He wants to understand why he lives and what the meaning of life itself, why God (if there is any such thing) creates human and tell them to worship Him. That is one thing he really can’t take. If God is God, almighty, all-powerful and invincible, why did He create human to worship Him? Does He, as a God, needs a recognition from humans that he is a God? Those are just a touch of conflicts he has with himself, but it is the root of everything that follows.

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