Character Description: A Man Who Chases Love

Moh Ridwan Hidayat/ 180410140001

A large man with a very handsome face that makes women have always very been focused to him, he has the talent amazing. Mr. Kevin is a final-year students at a prestigious University in Jatinangor. He came from Jakarta. His hobby is playing basketball. Every day he plays basketball regardless of the time. For his basketball is a hobby that most will never be replaced. He always go to the campus but he rarely present in the classroom. He has parents who are super busy and rarely care to him. Every day the father and mother always puts the work, work and work. Kevin’s parents did not like his hobby. Although like that he feels it does not care with said by his parents. When he was in the final semester, he began to feel annoyed. Plagued with problems that will determine his future. He had to reduce the hobby for the sake of his future. Beside that he has a girlfriend. Her name is Isna. Isna is a very beautiful woman, smart, and obedient to her parents. She loves reading. Reading is a her hobby. Isna is a student who is still fairly new second semester. He is very happy dating with her, but he thinks that he feels there is blocking his relationship with her.

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