Character Description: A Guy With His Belief

Putri Saraswati Sekarningtyas/180410150077

Kavi, a 20 year old guy who is currently studying at Faculty of Engineering at UI. One night, Kavi had a plan to go to the nightclub with his college mates, including Tasha. Turned out Tasha brought her school friend, Emma. “Wow, she’s beautiful,” Kavi mumbled. Deep inside he hoped she had the same religion as he does because he believes two should have the same religion. Kavi was still traumatized because the last girl he liked lied to him about her religion. As others were chatting, the two remained quiet, and heaven knows why those two were stealing glances every now and again. When everyone went to the dance floor, Kavi stayed. He saw that Emma’s stuffs were scattered everywhere on the table and he wanted to tidy it up for her. He felt like it was his responsibility to take care of them. As he was about to tidy it up, he felt like going to the dance floor, so he did. As he was dancing and having fun, he saw that Emma was on her way to the table looking all miserable. He then led her way to the table and asked her if she wanted anything. She shook her head and said, “But I do want you to hold me, though,” so he did. He held her close in his arms, told her a joke, did everything to make Emma feel better but she didn’t respond him. He even asked her if he could kiss her. At first, he thought Emma would say no, turned out she kissed him first. The night ends, everyone left including Kavi and Emma, they went their separate ways. The next day as they both told Tasha about their feelings, Tasha told them that they have different religion.

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