Character Description : A Girls Who Always Make Other People Happy

Nama : Farhan Rizky HadianaNPM : 180140140039

She is one of my friends, she is Fitri I always call her that name, she is 20 years old right now. She is from Banjar, she is a university student in Universitas Padjadjaran, her personality is always make people near her always happy, every time she speak, she always make other people burst of laugh, the weakness of her is, she always panic when she has an mountain of assignment and she haven’t done with her assignment yet. But she is a good person, always help her friend when they need some help. She is always listening her friend confide and always keep it from the other people and she always give us an advice when we have a problem. She need a support from her family because she always look depress when she is alone. She’s good at team works, she is always giving a fresh idea for our work. She loves reading, reading is her hobby, she like reading novel and the other book. Be sides that she likes traveling, she always try to discover the place she have visited. It doesn’t mean that you are weak, but you always make other people burst of laugh when near you, you are a strong person and always make people happy.

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