Character Description: A girl who fought for her life

Irayani Hanifa / 180410150026

That girl was sitting in the front of the library was named Ayudia Mawarni, but people call her Ani. She has black and wavy hair. The bangs covering her oval face. Ani’s body is skinny but has chubby cheeks and also the white skin. Her style is fashionable. She is like to use accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. She is now 21-year-old. She is a student of planology at Universitas Indonesia and already the 8th semester, but besides being a student she also worked in the one famous restaurant. She worked to increase the allowance and also savings for her mother because she has a goal to lead her mother to mecca. She has dreams to be mayor because she wanted to serve her city, Aceh. She wants to organize her town as good as possible. Now she is living in Jakarta, far from her parents who live in Aceh.

Ani already did not have a father, her father had passed away 3 years ago because of cancer. She is a carefree girl and also smart. Ani is an ambitious student on campus. She is a stingy person if there is a friend who asked for help in the task. She cannot have a characteristic such as it continuously. Her characteristic would be a detriment to her own self. Her friends will probably alienate and hate her. Ani has a bad habit that is she always sleep late because she is always doing her homework in afternoon until midnight and after that, she is always watched a movie.


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