Character Description: A Girl and Her Traveling Backpack

Nadya Khusnul/180410150010

While Riri on her way to her next destination of her journey, she think about all the things that people say about her as the traveler. “You can’t do this”, they said. “You can’t traveling all around the world. It would be dangerous for a girl to do that by herself”, they said. “You have to think about your family, they didn’t agree for you to do this. But you do it anyway. Why you don’t listen to them?”, they said. “You left your study from that prestigious college and major to do this? Why?”, they said. She try to look like she didn’t care about what people say about her as a traveler, but it bother her mind anyway. Yes, she is a girl. Yes, she didn’t listen to her family and keep traveling. Yes, she left her study just to be a traveler, to travel all around the world. But why? Why she do this? It’s simply because she want to see the world! She want to explore the world! That’s her passion. That’s the thing that please this 21 years old traveler. Traveling.

“Why they always think that I can’t do this? Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t traveling by myself”. Riri try to believe on herself, hold her backpack tight and keep on traveling no matter what people say.

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