Character Description: A Dauntless Girl

Ainun Amelia / 180410150012

In the small city called Jatinangor there was a girl who was riding her bike along the campus area. Her name is Mega. She is 19 years old, active college student in campus. Her college life is pretty well, she always do her homework and always got A in her class. She is a boyish person, she love to do some outdoor and challenging activities therefore she love to play outdoor than indoor activities. She love sport so much, she’s always doing sports activities such as running, gymnastics, cycling, swimming and others at least 2 days a week in weekend. Although Mega is a boyish person who brave in challenging things, but Mega is afraid to feel fall of something, she afraid of lose someone, afraid of can’t reach something. The fear had been the weakness of Mega’s self. Mega had a family who love her so much. They are from the respected family. But her parents didn’t support her love of the sports because she has a bad history of health. She has an Ehler Dan Los Syndrome since Mega was born to world. It is a syndrome for people who have an elastic skin that can be attracted without pain which mean her skin is too sensitive with a crash. The syndrome in herself makes her parents afraid of her condition, oftentimes Mega’s parents didn’t allow Mega to do some heavy activities, but Mega won’t listen them. Since Mega still a child she want to be an athlete, she won’t be a someone that suffer with the condition of the body she has. She wants to step out from the safe zone.

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