Character Description: A Clairvoyant.

Bevlyn Fellicia 180410150028

This is Anjani. Anjani is a college student. She comes from a well family, she has a good life but Anjani is quite different from the others, she have something special in herself some of her friends calls her freak. She has ability on seeing the future. Having this ability strengthens her but also become her weakness. She can’t control when or where she will be having a sight of the future, sometimes the future that she see frighten her, not because it’s bad it just that sometimes the future doesn’t the future that she wanted to have. This ability strengthens her because if she wants to do something and suddenly she has a vision of what will happen she feel less afraid, but nothing will stay certain in this life, the future can be different from what she have seen. That is what frighten her the most, because what if the good future change into the bad ones. If this happen Anjani will feel nervous of what exactly is happening next. Right on that photo, Anjani suddenly has a vision, she sees the bad one, and she becomes quiet and stands still. When this happen she have to think about all the positive thing so she won’t be distracted of what she had seen while doing her regular activity, because if she do something recklessly that bad thing might become true. Because of this ability Anjani learns to always think positive and do everything carefully so that she can prevent the bad one on happening in the future.


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