Character Description : The nature’s hero

Rhendy Suslaphanda/180410150021

Meet Elgianto, the first man in Jatinangor who dedicated himself for honorable deeds. Despite of his financial problem, he is able to sustain it all without problem. Elgianto began his amazing journey to success by entering college at Faculty of Agriculture. With great passion at Agriculture studies he is able to create new era of agriculture. In the end of his studies he earn the bachelor degree and countless achievement for his contribution in the world of Agriculture.

After he graduated, the first thing that he wanted to do is to restore his family financial crisis by creating a bussiness. At the same time, he also wanted his knowledge about agriculture to be useful and helpful for other people, especially farmers. So he came to the remote village in the slope of Manglayang mountain and began his first research there. But, in the research progress he is faced with unexpected problem that stand between him and success. The village resouces was swarming with pest that he never saw before in his entire life. After several months, with his determine and passion, he is able to go through this walll between him and success.

Nowadays, in the slope of Manglayang mountain, Elgianto was able to build sanctuary for rare species around the area. Not only that, he also created a great fertilizer for farmers so they can doubled their income. Because of his honorable deeds, Elgianto becomes a hero as well as a legend for this village.

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