Character Description: Something’s Just Off

Name: Rachmah Setya UtamiNPM: 180410150061

He’s kind and caring. Maybe not the kind and the caring that people are use to see. But close. Or maybe not really close. He calls himself Dan and people would usually guess is it Dan from the Italian poet Dante, or the fancy surname of Irish old family Dunn. In fact, his name does not correlate with those. It is Danee, a simple, mainstream name. However, since he is Indonesian and the actual sound of his name would be ‘Dani’, he hates it.

Dan is not fond with similarity, just because he is plain and often quiet, unsociable and lonely. He finds that things that people are mostly after are silly. He knows he is not better than them and he always feels slightly off about himself. After all, he is 20 and has no experience about the world, the great result from the combination of locking himself for too long and too much with the lack of encouragement. Campus that usually becomes a place to be socially involved with people has done very little to him.

One day, one time, he would like to change, he would like to seek something that he desires. He wants to break his solitude, his habit that only God knows since when he has developed. Perhaps it was started because he doesn’t want to trouble people, or the exact opposite, the people think that he is fully capable of doing things. Yet, as much as he dislikes it to be mistaken as a girl for his small figure and androgynous features, he still needs to be helped. Moreover, when all he needs is a person to be his friend, a true friend.

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