Character Description: A Man with Perfect Staged Moments

Fahrin Wilasa Fiandhika 180410150064

At the beginning of dry season two years ago in 2015, Saga shows his presence as a humorous clown with considerate nature. His only goal in his mind is to create moments with a perfect staged world based on his comical experience to charm the audience. One of his masterpiece, when Saga having a meet up with his friends, he cracked up one mischievous yet hilarious joke that they all understand among each other. Saga says, “What do you get when you cross-breed a horse and a pig? I don’t know, I wouldn’t enjoy playing piggyback ride with it.” Enormous laughs fills up the air when he finished that line. Saga knows what he’s doing, to crack the ice and starts a new conversation with his friends even though it is hard sometimes but he nailed it right in the bullseye.

Although it seems that Saga always appeared to be a successful comedian that always cracking up good jokes and always put on his smile, Saga’s journey didn’t go as smooth as planned, like the leaves falling from its branch in autumn season. His utterly wild emotion and feelings cost him a lot, which is a heavy burden on his shoulders alone. Many people come and go, just like Saga’s friendship. Only few ‘survived’ with Saga, no matter how close or how far the link between Saga and his friends. Some says anyone can smell the scent of cigarettes and leather each time he get pass through his friends, depends on his mood to smoke like always or not.

By the end, Saga stays true to his friends for almost a long time and he decides to strive for his personal quality, rather than doing nothing in vain.

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