Character Description: When the graduation is coming around

Name: Kou Guizhi (Yusuf) /NPM: 180110169003

This girl’s name is Risah. She is a senior undergraduate, at her early twenties. As we can see, she is busy searching for something. Actually, she is writing her thesis. Soon the graduation ceremony will arrive, therefore, she is going to finish writing the thesis and doing the oral defense before the ceremony. In fact, she has finished the main frame of her thesis, all else that she’s got to do is to enrich the contents and correct some mistakes. She has been satisfied with her work so far.

Then here comes the next problem, what is she going to do after the graduation? She has been thinking about it over and over again. She is keen to continue her further study in another country. However, as her family is not rich enough, it is impossible for her to study abroad with the fee paid all by her parents. Consequently, she is seeking the programs that offer scholarship to some excellent students by the organizations or governments of foreign countries. Applying for the programs means a series of procedures—applying online, uploading the documents, sending the documents, waiting for the confirmation, etc. In the meantime, she is also sending several resumes of her to some companies, for if she fails to get through the evaluation of universities of the foreign countries, she won’t get anxious because she still has some chances of receiving job opportunities from the local companies.

During the graduation year, she is much busier than ever. It has not been certain yet which direction her future goes toward, and what type of new problems she will confront. But she believes in herself, and all she has to do right now is to be calm and waiting. The future will tell how her story continues.

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