Character Description: A Local Grocer

Lia(Wu Guangshuo)/180110169004

The man in the photo is called Ridwan, at about 60. He didn’t receive much education when he was young and half of his life has been spent selling daily necessities. Given the low profit, he hardly earns from it. His wife separated with him because once he promised a comfortable life but on the contrary it turned out to be a miserable one, leaving him a 10-year-old son to raise. He alone, economizing and stinting himself, supported his son till he became an adult. Now his son works in another city but scarcely comes back. Every day, he sets out early to the wholesale market, spreads out goods for sale in booth at 8 a.m and goes home at 6 p.m. Although life is tough, he holds a positive attitude towards it. Since he makes the price very reasonable, he’s got a lot of customers. He enjoys chatting with his customers to know about their needs and also about their lives. He shares his meals with many stray cats wandering near his booth as if they were his own children. Not everyone can compromise with his past and start a new life. But he does. He is not alone because he has his job, sincere customers, the stray cats coming by every day and most importantly the optimism that strongly supports him.

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