Character Description: A Hopeful Gaze

Achmad Dani Rizki N/180410150076

"A couple of months ago, I lost my job. I’m currently supporting the woman of my dreams and my two children. Back before, our lives can be said lavish, I could always cater their needs and present them luxurious gifts. Now, I struggle every week. Most of my earnings goes to what bills to pay; the house, the transportation expenses, the food, the debts, and last but not least the children’s tuition as they are now in University. This goes without saying but this also changes my relationship with them. I used to always talk about everything with my wife, how our days go, how the children are doing, how our friends are so weird, and how I would always make her laugh, but now all we talk about is money and argue on what to spend it on. The children also used to be so open to me, about what they’re interested in, about what’s hip, what’s lame, their passion, their struggle, but recently I know nothing, only the disappointment in their eyes when they look at me. Today I work as a parking attendant, and having said all of this, I still have faith and determination. This is just a test and I believe I can pass it, together with my family, for my family. I made them happy once and I can make them happy again."

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