Omelette Mushroom + Sauce Mushroom

Pradna Aqmaril Paramitha/ 180410150049

Omelette Mushroom with Sauce Mushroom is an egg and mushroom heaven. The omelet is an old-school kind with chunks of oyster mushroom mixed in. It appears like a glistening golden pillow. Slice it, and you will see fluffy layers of white, yolk, and shrooms. Upon first bite, the subtle taste and chewiness of the mushroom blend well with the hearty egg mixture. On the other hand, the sauce is thick and deep brown with specks of black pepper. The sauce has a distinct savory flavor. Eat both omelet and sauce together, and an ensemble of custardy and earthly flavors will melt in your mouth.

Kantin Mang Igun offers both for IDR 17,000. Kantin Mang Igun is located in Caringin and opens every day from 8 AM to 10 PM. It requires a 30 minute walk from Gerlam to reach it. A special service to note is that KMI offers delivery.

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