Nasi Jamur Ayam Manis

Abdurrahman Mubarok/180410150042

Nasi Jamur Ayam Manis from Warung Nasi Fitroh is the good choice for you who want to satisfy your hunger.Only with 15,000 IDR, we can get a satisfying portion because this cafeteria uses buffet system. The rice tastes soft, and feels fragrant. The fried mushrooms feels tasty and crunchy, and has two combination tastes which are salty and sweet. Then, the fried chicken is made by combination of flour and Picata flavor that makes the chicken bigger and tastes sweet. Although it is coated by Picata, but the taste still feels crispy and tender.

By walking for about 5 minutes from Gerlam, we can find Warung Nasi Fitroh, across Puskesmas Jatinangor. It opens from 08.00 – 20.00 every Monday until Saturday.

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