Nasi Ganteng + Soy Sauced Omelette

Fahrin Wilasa Fiandhika/180410150064

Nasi Ganteng + Soy sauced Omelette is the bomb for relieving hunger. Talking about it, the best place and the most popular place to get this kind of fried rice is BKI Pajawan. Popular among the fan of fried rice and students in Jatinangor, Nasi Ganteng is different from other fried rice is it is fried with noodles with other sauce and spices and sometimes the taste of spicy sauce leave a mark in my tongue. The omelette itself mixed with soy sauce makes the flavour salty and sweet at the same time. The combination of rice, noodles and well seasoned omelette makes it really tasty.

BKI Pajawan is located in the lovely neighbourhood of Jatinangor, behind Koramil office. The shop open 24/7 and takes about 10 minutes walking from Gerlam Unpad.

I ordered Nasi Ganteng with the side of soy sauced omelette with the cost of IDR 12,000.

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