Mie Ayam

Ari Bayu Suryadinata/180410150072

If you seek for foodgasm, you might want to eat Mie Ayam in Mie Bakso Kangkung. Fresh light color balance on one bowl will boost up your appetite in moment you see it. Strong chicken flavored broth yet light balance the shredded chicken meat that tasted sweet and savory. If you find the taste is less strong, you can add salt or sambal. The noodle is thinner than usual noodle and easy to chew. Boiled kale that still crunchy and chicken feet also add fibrous composition to the bowl. Last touch that brings this menu to be one is difference texture from chewy meatballs and crispy fried dumpling wrappers. You can afford Mie Ayam in Mie Bakso Kangkung with IDR 15,000 in pocket. You can walk for about 10 minutes from Gerlam to Jalan Raya Jatinangor No.182 there you’ll find Mie Bakso Kangkung open at 8 AM until 9 PM.

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