Martabak Coklat Kacang

Hana Rahmawati/180410150003

Martabak Cokelat Kacang from Martabak Yoland. The martabak is half-round shaped when served because the half part is folded on to the other side, keeping the fillings in the middle. Have a great taste with suitable sweetness of chocolate sprinkles that collided with the savory coarse ground peanuts will melt in your mouth. The inner layer was soft and bit crisp on the outside. All layers were coated with butter so it makes the outside layer of martabak browned, has strong butter aroma, and taste more savory when chewed in your mouth.

Martabak Yoland located in front of Skyland City Jatinangor. If walking from Gerlam only 10 minutes. The Martabak Yoland open hour is from 4.00- 10.00 PM. A serving of Martabak Coklat Kacang containing ten pieces costs IDR 18,000.

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