Kue Balok Keju Mang Salman

Sofi Septiani/180410140033

Kue Balok Keju itself is made from a mixture of flour, water, sugar, cheese and baked using a square trays. Kue Balok is usually baked with charcoal burning so make the cake look brown when ripe. The Kue Balok Keju which have half-baked is one of your choices for the middle part is melted and combined with the cheese topping makes different sensation in the mouth when bitten and also has a better taste than the fully-cooked. The taste of Kue Balok Keju is sweet, soft and cheesy.

Kue Balok Mang Salman is at the back of Bale Pabukon Universitas Padjadjaran, you can walk just one minute from Gerlam. They are open at 07.00 PM until 11.30 PM or more. The price for one Kue Balok Keju is only IDR 3,000.

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