Nasi Soto Ayam Naila

Nurul Fauziah Febriyanti/180410150005

Nasi Soto Ayamin Soto Nailais Madura’s equivalent of chicken soup accompanied by rice and warm yellowish turmeric chicken broth. It is served with of cabbage, rice noodle, koya powder, celery, and garnished to taste with chili sambal, soy, lime, and tomato. The special one in this menu is its tender and yummy chicken meat. Moreover, the broth is very thick and tasty by the koya powder. Koya powder is made from prawn crackers, fried garlic and dried shrimp. The other special is this soto also tasted fresh with flavors of lemon and tomato.

Soto Naila opens from 7 AM to 11 AM. It costs IDR 13,000. You can walk for 10 minutes from Gerlam to Soto Ayam Naila on Jalan Cikeruh.

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