Mie Aceh Udang

Vivi Tania/180410140034

Mie Aceh Udang is made from thick yellow noodles which mixed with shrimp and vegetables such as bean sprout and cabbage. It uses the flavors from shallot, black pepper andcandlenut. The taste of candlenut and black pepper make Mie Aceh Udang hot. This food is served with kerupuk, pickles of shallot and cucumber. We can find Mie Aceh Udang in Gampong Mama Ciseke Besar. Gampong Mama is a place where you can eat a variety of Menu Mie Aceh. The location of Gampong Mama is strategic that close to Unpad and you just need to walk 10 minutes from Gerlam to get the place. This place is open daily at 11.00 AM until 01.00 AM. The Price of one portion Mie Aceh Udang is only IDR 14,000.

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