De Chick Fried Chicken

Vinsca Delana Ginting / 180410150060

De Chick gives three flavor- Original, Hot& Spicy, and Red hot. Once you bite into the crispy, salty chicken. you will understand why there is always a queue here. It is crispy, moist, well seasoned, and keeping the meat inside tender and ripe. The juicy meat makes you like it even more. De Chick is a small fried chicken kiosk located on Jalan Caringin, specifically in front of Griya Supermarket Jatinangor.De chick opens everyday from 9 AM – 9 PM. Even it gives you 12 open hours, it can be closed faster than you expected. The chickens could sell out before noon when it comes to weekends. It takes 20 minutes to go there by foot from Gerlam. The store might not be impressive to look at from the outside, but when the chicken hits your tongue, you will all you need to taste. The price of a portion with rice is IDR 12,000,-

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