Bubur Ayam Telor

Amira Sofa / 180410150048

Bubur Ayam Gerlam (Ex-Khas Priangan) serves up hearty bowls of Bubur Ayam Telor. Served when hot and savory, bubur ayam is topped with egg, cahkwe, fried soy bean, soy sauces, shredded chickens, chives, fried garlic, and sambal. All condiments are served based on your requests. Kerupuk is served in a big jar and constantly refilled. When you mix all condiments and porridge together, you will enjoy fresh shredded chickens and cahkwe in every scoop of the porridge. Meanwhile, kerupuk, fried soy bean, and fried garlic enlighten your taste with crunchiness.

A big portion of Bubur Ayam Telor is only IDR 8,000. Bubur Ayam Gerlam can be reached less than a minute walk from Gerlam Universitas Padjadjaran. It is the seventh cart with the color of grey. It opens from 7 to 10 AM.

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