Beef Ribs Soup

Nadira Noviandita/180410150074

Beef Ribs Soup in Rumah Makan Tahu Sumedang Sari Kedele tastes rich and well-seasoned with its tender meat and typical spices along with the sambal and celery. The smell of a little bit of nutmeg combined with lime juice creates a heavenly taste of a good soup. You can get one satisfying portion for IDR 37,000. If you eat this with rice, you will be full throughout the day. This can be a good escape for once in a while when you are bored with the same common foods. The restaurant is located on Jalan Ir. Soekarno right after Cikuda bridge. It takes 20 minutes by walking or 5-10 minutes by public transportation from Gerlam Unpad to the place. The place is comfy and large which makes this a good place to eat together with friends or family. The place opens from 6 AM until 9 PM.

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