Spaghetti Sunda

Elghiffari Hidayat/180410150070

Spaghetti Sunda + Nasi is a local food that available at Café Hipotesa. Spaghetti Sunda made spaghetti which made by an Indomie noodle with tomato and chili sardine sauce. The savory of Indomie flavors mixed with the rich flavor of sardine fish and the sour spicy tomato sauce with slices of garlic, shallot, red chili, and tomato resulting a strong delicate flavor. The strong taste of the Spaghetti Sunda balanced with a bowl of rice, resulting a perfect taste and . If the flavor isn’t spicy enough for you, you can request to the chef to add some extra chilies. The complete value of the package is IDR 14,000. You can find food at Café Hipotesa which located at Jalan Sayang. It’s about 4 km from Gerlam Unpad, and 20 minutes to take on walking from Gerlam Unpad. The café opens 24/7.

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