Sate Taichan + Lontong

Ainun Amelia/180410150012

Sate Taichan + Lontong is chicken spicy satay. It give ten skewers of this delicacy food.It give a unique flavor like salty and spicy. The spiciness is from the white sprinkled salt on the meat that has been cooked. The salt is absorb into the satay to make the satay feel a bit salty. Moreover the spiciness of the sambal is the combination of the oil and the chili seeds. The satay is dominant white and brownish because the satay burnt above the grill. Itgive dice of big white rice rolls.

Sate Taichan Fidel located in Pusat Jajanan Serba Ada (PUJASERA) Ciseke Besar. The opening hour of Sate Taichan Fidel is about 1 PM until 10 PM. Sate Taichan Fidel price is 12,000 IDR.You just need to walk 5 minutes from Gerlam to the middle dormitory region in Ciseke Besar.

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