Sate Maranggi Kambing

Vidianty Putri Aslama/180410150031

Sate Kambing is the most favorite menu at Sate Maranggi Abah Koboy. One portion of satay contained 10 skewers. The soft texture of the lamb makes them easier to eat. The lamb has a very distinctive flavor with spices and savory makes the tongue does not want to stop to enjoy the delights of the flesh. Seasoning sauce and pickled vegetables such as cucumber, shallot and carrot add the flavor when eating this and do not miss sambal with sliced of tomato and chili flavor complements the delicay of this satay. Only with 23.000 IDR you can enjoy a serving of rice and satay and hot tea. Sate Marangi Abah Koboy open from 10AM until 10PM. You can found Sate Maranggi Abah Koboy easily, located on jalan Ciseke Besar across Sabar Subur shop, 5 minutes walk from Gerlam.

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