Roti Kukus Oreo+Keju+Susu

Muhammad Salman Alfiansyah/180410150038

Roti Kukus Oreo+Keju+Susu in Roti Kadetis the steamed bread with Oreo powder, grated cheese, spread butter and condensed milk. You can smell the smell of the butter that has been smeared on the top of the bread when the bread is ready to serve. The steamed bread make you feel the softness of the bread from every bite that you take. You can clearly feel the cheese that has been spread out around the bread. Beside it, by adding Oreo powder and condensed milk, it will make a great combination to make the bread tasteful. When you bite it, it melts inside your mouth, with glorious taste of the flavour. The price of this menu is IDR 7.000. Roti Kadet is located in Ciseke Besar. You can get this bread by walking from Gerlam for 10 minutes. This street vendor opens from 5 PM till 11 PM.

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