Pecel Ayam Tahu

Clara Eclesia Fides/180410l150002

Pecel Ayam Tahu in Pecel Bangsat (Cak Digi LA) is chicken and gizzard satay fried to a serious golden of crispiness. The chicken and gizzard satayare well seasoned and savory. The dish is served with large portion of rice. The sambal is a combination of chilies, tomatoes, garlic, shallots, sugar and salt. The tofu adds fibrous composition to the plate, and the saltiness of tofu leaves a lingering taste in your mouth, especially dipped with sambal. The lalapan in the plategives you a fresh taste of the dish. If you feel like to have a taste you can walk for 15 minutes from Gerlam to Jalan Raya Bandung – Sumedang, Cikuda No. 252. This Pecel Ayam Tahu costs 16,000 IDR. The place is open from 6 PM – 1 AM.

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