Ocha Sushi

Syafitri Athaya Oktari/180410150053

Golden Maki, 27,000 IDR, contains uruchimai (sushi rice), sliced salmon, tanuki (tempura flakes), cucumber, and mayonnaise then rolled with nori (Japanese seaweed), fried with bread crumbs, and drizzled with shoyu (Japanese soy sauce). The sushi is crunchy because of tempura flakes and soft because of cooked sliced salmon and uruchimai. The sour taste of mayonnaise on top doesn’t overpower the whole thing. The shoyu, however, makes it a little too sweet but the fresh cucumber balances everything.

Ocha Sushi is a Japanese food kiosk located on Jalan Raya Jatinangor, specifically in front of Indomaret across Koramil Jatinangor. It takes less than five minutes to go there by foot from Gerlam. Ocha Sushi opens from Monday to Saturday at 2 PM until 10 PM.

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