Nasi Padang Ayam Paru

Kinanti Fitri Febriani/ 180410150013

Nasi Padang Ayam Paru contains steamed rice. fried chicken, fried cow lung, green chilies(sambal ijo), curry sauce, and cassava leaves. The steamed rice is soft and you can put it in the plate as much as you like. The star of the dish is the chicken, juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. It also covered ina slightly sweet savory fried coconut flakes (serundeng). The fried cow lung is an optional dish, it is well seasoned, and crunchy on the edges and sometimes chewy in the middle of it.

The price for this Nasi Padang is IDR 24.000. Rumah Makan Fajar Indah is located before the in Jalan Raya Jatinangor, Cibeusi near Caringin. The restaurant open from 09.00 AM–10.00 PM. It takes about 20 minutes by walking from Gerlam.

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